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This Body is Worthy sells artwork by disabled artists through our Threadless shop, which transforms beautiful art into merchandise such as shirts, stickers, notebooks, and prints. 

All proceeds go directly to support projects and organizations lead by disabled people, for disabled people, along with disabled artists. When there are other needs that become apparent in the world, proceeds will sometimes go towards organizations working at the heart of these issues (, The Texas Civil Rights Project, etc.). Disability intersects all identities and is often present among the most vulnerable populations. The organizations that TBIW supports change on a regular basis, so that this campaign can assist as many disability-centered projects as possible. 

Please note: Threadless takes a portion of the sales.

  • Profits from stickers: $2

  • Profits from buttons: ~$2.50

  • Profits from t-shirts, prints, and journals: $10


If you would rather donate directly to the organizations This Body is Worthy is supporting, please visit our Facebook page to see the current org featured :)

Artwork by Haley Brown: The words "This Body is Worthy" in white text surrounded by thistles, mushrooms, and a snail. All of this is against a moss green background

Artist: Haley Brown

a digital painting of a dark-skinned individual with long black hair, holding the earth in their hands. They are wearing facial jewelry and are surrounded by clouds and planets against a purple sky. The words “this body is worthy” are written in script underneath.
Art by Brooklyn Marx: The back of someone in a power wheelchair with the words "This Body is Worthy" written on either side of them. They are surrounded by a ring of flowers, against a yellow background.

Artist: Brooklyn Marx

Artist: Sovereign

Artwork by Ty Dykema: a curved banner of white and yellow sunflowers interspersed with wheels from a wheelchair, against a shaded torquoise background. The words "I find strength in my crip siblings" is written beneath

Artist: Ty Dykema

A dark-skinned, larger woman with an orange body suit and green superhero cape, with green boots and gloves. She is standing in front of a large, blue Saturn. The words “This Body is Worthy” are outlined below the planet. Her hair is up in two buns. All of this is against a dark purple background.

Artist: Charles Halloran

Design by Karli Drew: A black box with the words "Feisty Statistic-Breakers" written in white, with computer coding style. There is a white DNA helix to the right of the words, with part of it broken off.

Artist: Karli Drew

Art by Brooklyn Marx: A drawing of a wheelchair joystick with the words "This Body is Worthy" written on its screen. There are roses and daisies surrounding the joystick, and this is all against a turquoise background.

Artist: Brooklyn Marx

Art by Hannah Soyer: A painting with the words "This Body is Worthy" outlined in gold, against pink, orange, blue, and turquoise swirling together.

Artist: Hannah Soyer

Art by Jessica Oddi: A curved torso with jean shorts and flowers covering the breasts, next to a wheelchair joystick.

Artist: Jessica Oddi

Art by Charles Halloran: A dark-skinned mermaid with a shark tail and round belly reaching up, next to the words “This Body is Worthy.” This is all against a bright green outlined-background, against a light blue background.

Artist: Charles Halloran

Brooklyn's Wall
Jess mask

Check out the Organizations TBIW Campaigns have Supported so Far!

NMD United
Sins Invalid
Accessible Yoga
Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network (AWN)
Heard Helping Educate to Advance the Rig
Texas Civil Rights Project
KIND Kids In Need of Defense
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